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Hello, my name is Heather, a mom, artist, wife and graphic designer. I have been making things my whole life and it is my true passion. I love to work in many different art mediums including sewing, painting, drawing, collage, photography and anything else that peaks my interest. I love making things for my family and have been doing it almost my whole life, ask them! And I REALLY love making things with (and for) my son, Colin.

I have a BFA Degree in Graphic Design from Eastern Michigan University. For the past 20 years I have been a graphic designer for mostly sign companies in NE United States. Currently, while still working part-time at my "real job", I am gearing my focus on personal creativity. I love spending time in my home-based studio creating, and would love to spend more time there! I have a shop at where you can find the creative things I make to sell!

Why "Whatchabuildin?" When ever my hushand sees me in the studio, kitchen or anywhere making something he say, "whatcha buildin?" So it seemed appropriate when I was "making" this blog about "making things", that I should call it, "whatchabuildin?"